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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Countless bands try to claim to be the “voice of a generation,” but one that can credibly do it is Pearl Jam.

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Steve Gunn's Other You is his "Most Complete Vision"

The cult artist’s new album is a quiet and sophisticated vision of reflection on what it means to be alive.

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12 of the Best Vinyl Record Storage Ideas & Solutions
12 of the Best Vinyl Storage Solutions

Explore solutions including antique magazine racks to IKEA shelves, cabinets, wall frames, and more.

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At 50, it's one of Most Influential Albums Ever

David Crosby’s 1972 solo debut is a treasure trove of demos with Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, and more.

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Renewal is Billy Strings' Best Effort Yet

Album tackles themes of love, regret, terror, happiness, and the general struggle of existence.

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Turnstile Glow On Album Review
GLOW ON's Simplicity Isn't a Lack of Depth

Album cuts through the bullshit, offering introspective lyrics that feel very good to scream.

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It's Sturgill Simpson's "Most Dignified Album"

A man with a guitar singing about a man with a rifle. What more could we want?

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Sympathy for Life a Classic New York Album

Parquet Courts delivers something kinetic, a project bursting with life that remains extremely focused.

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Neil Young’s Carnegie Hall 1970 "an Incredible Artifact"

Uncle Neil “Captured in his Prime, Remaining as Poignant and Punk as Ever” in this 70s throwback.

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Vinyl Lingo: Differences Between LP vs EP Vinyl

New to vinyl collecting? Learn about the differences between LP vinyl and EP vinyl records.

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How to Grade Vinyl Records & What Condition Grades Mean

Understanding the vinyl record grading system can help you get the best bang for your buck.

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The Difference Between Vinyl Gram Weights

Understand the benefits of pressing music on thicker, heavier vinyl records.

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How to Store Vinyl Records: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re getting into vinyl or are a seasoned collector, knowing how to properly store your vinyl is essential.

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The Process of Making Vinyl Records

Understand the process of making vinyl records from recording the master to packaging to be shipped.

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