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25 Gift Ideas for Vinyl Record Collectors this Christmas Holiday Season

Rick Sunday

25 Gift Ideas for Record Collectors this Christmas

Spoil the Record Collector In Your Life with these Great Christmas Holiday Gift Ideas

Well, it’s that time of year again — the time when you need to find gifts for people who you have no idea how to shop for.

But hey, that’s OK. Take solace, buddy. We’re all facing the challenge of finding that perfect gift to show our loved ones how much we care.

Fear not. If your friend, spouse, family member, boss, or whatever is a vinyl record collector, we’ve got some ideas. Here are 25 of the best gift ideas for vinyl record collectors this holiday season.

1. Vinyl Styl™ LP Deep Cleaning System – $14.99

Christmas Gifts for Record Collectors: Vinyl Styl Deep Cleaning System

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

Smart and simple, this LP Deep Cleaning System made by Vinyl Styl™ is the perfect starter kit for someone newly into vinyl. With a brush, cleaning pad, and cleaning fluid, this is a simple introduction to vinyl care — and the price is friendly, too. Show your support for a budding vinyl collector in your life with products that will help their records stand the test of time against wear and tear.

2. Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland (33 1/3 Book Series) by John Perry – $14.99

Christmas Gifts for Record Collectors: Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland Book Bundle

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

Sometimes you gotta listen to the greatest guitarist of all time. In John Perry’s 33 ⅓ book, he goes deep on Jimi’s Electric Ladyland, one of the finest artifacts of the late ‘60s. This book examines how the record came to be, its impact, and how it shaped the last 50 years of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s something any music fan will appreciate.

3. The Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed Vinyl LP Box Set – $121.99

The Rolling Stones Let it Bleed Box Set

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

What’s a vinyl collection without a box set from the Rolling Stones? A pathetic one, that’s what. Here, with a Let It Bleed box set, you can channel the Stones at a creative peak — hedonistic and cocky, the ultimate British swagger. This box set from 2019 is the 50th-anniversary edition of the album and contains a whole slew of bonus material. A must-have for any record collector.

4. Audio Anatomy Silver Stabilizer – $47.99

Christmas Gifts for Vinyl Collectors: Audio Anatomy Vinyl Record Weight Stabilizer

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

If someone is into vinyl, you know they’re into good sound. And an easy piece of HiFi equipment to upgrade someone’s setup without much effort is a stabilizer. These little guys sit on top of a spinning record on your turntable, preventing it from random vibration or shaking. Audio Anatomy is one of the leading manufacturers of stabilizers, as well. Plus, you can give it a cool nickname, like “The Silver Bullet.” Or something.

5. Pearl Jam Vitalogy T-Shirt – $21.00Pearl Jam Vitalogy T-Shirt as a Christmas Gift

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

Famously, Pearl Jam released their third studio album exclusively on vinyl two weeks before dropping the CD. It was a brave thing for the band to do, as well. At the time, vinyl was considered a dated medium, with musicians embracing digital recording and the future. Leave it to Eddie Vedder and company to see the future by embracing the past.

6. Vinyl Styl™ Ultimate Vinyl Record Care Kit – $34.99

Vinyl Styl Ultimate Vinyl Record Care Kit as a Christmas Gift

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

If you’re shopping for a more experienced vinyl collector, know that they’ll always appreciate tools for keeping their collection clean and sounding bright. Vinyl Styl’s Ultimate Vinyl Record Care Kit includes a deep cleaning brush, fluid, an anti-static brush, an anti-static stylus cleaner, and a stylus cleaning brush. The meticulous vinyl lover in your life will thank you.

7. Allman Brothers Band – At Fillmore East Vinyl LP – $34.99

Allman Brothers Band At Fillmore East for a Record Collector Christmas Gift

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

The greatest live album ever recorded? Well, we don’t have enough words to get into that argument right now. Nonetheless, the Allman Brothers iconic 1971 album captured the band at their early high point, just a few short months before Duane Allman’s tragic motorcycle death. The bullish and swagger record was recorded over three nights at NYC’s legendary Fillmore East, and has set a precedent for what a live album can be. Playing it on vinyl at the right moment can be a transcendental experience. Just don’t forget to wear your leather jacket.

8. Beatles – Let It Be Book + Vinyl Gift Bundle – $37.75

Christmas Gift for Record Collectors: Beatles Let It Be Bundle

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

How about a classic record bundled with a book about the said classic record? With this special offer from our friends at Binaural Records, we’ve paired one of the best pop music compilations with Steve Matteo’s 33 ⅓ book about Let It Be. These melodies have been in the collective consciousness since they fell out of John and Paul’s minds. The record collector in your life will be excited to read about where they came from.

9. Vinyl Styl™ Deep Groove Record Washer System – $79.99

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer for Record Collector Gifts

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

Looking for something that’s a little extra? Right here, we’ve got Vinyl Styl’s Deep Groove Record Washer System — a.k.a. one of the best record cleaning machines at an affordable price point. This little gadget is a lot of fun and is a great and easy way for a record collector to truly deep clean their records. Compact and classic, it’s the perfect addition to an audiophile’s setup.

10. Big Fudge 4-in-1 Vinyl Record Care System Cleaning Kit – $24.99

Christmas Gift for Record Collector: Big Fudge 4-in-1 Record Care System

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

Every record collector wants to clean their records in new and exciting ways. We know that sounds weird. Sorry, it’s just the way we are. We’re meticulous freaks! So giving a new cleaning kit to the vinyl enthusiast in your life is a sure way to make them feel like payday. Big Fudge is an industry leader for vinyl accessories, and their cleaning supplies work effectively — and last.

11. Beyoncé – RENAISSANCE Vinyl LP [Deluxe Edition] – $47.99

Beyonce RENAISSANCE on Vinyl for Christmas Gifting

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

Vinyl lovers aren’t just listening to dusty old records from the ’60s (although, admittedly, we do a lot of that). We’re music lovers, first and foremost. Beyonce’s dance album from this summer is already a certified classic, meaning it should sit in the collection for all music lovers. Plus, let’s not forget: You can’t go wrong with the Queen. You just can’t.

12. Big Fudge 12-Inch Vinyl Inner & Outer Sleeve Bundle – $29.95

Protective Vinyl Sleeves for the Record Collector Gifts

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

Any record collector will tell you that factory sleeves are garbage — and, in fact, may diminish the record’s quality in the long run. Big Fudge is a leading company for vinyl protective sleeves, and the 12-Inch Inner and Outer Sleeves Bundle is a perfect way to help the vinyl collector in your life upgrade their collection — and keep it top-notch for years to come.

13. David Bowie – Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) Vinyl LP Box Set – $399.99

David Bowie's Brilliant Box Set for Record Collector Christmas Gifts

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

The ‘90s are widely regarded as a creative renaissance for David Bowie after a few misfires in the ‘80s. Brilliant Adventure is a collection of all his music from 1992-2001, capturing a Bowie with newfound energy, drive, and excitement. This vinyl box set includes 11 LPs and enough reading material to completely blow away the vinyl collector in your life. Frankly, at some point, you might need to apologize for giving such a good gift.

14. Instrumenthead by Michael Weintrob [1st Edition, Signed by Author] – $75.00

Instrumenthead book by Michael Weintrob: A Great Christmas Gift for Record Collectors

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

The thing record collectors might almost love as much as vinyl — the keyword here is “almost” — is photographs of bands and musicians. In Instrumenthead, music photographer Michael Weintrob takes a surrealist look at the soul of being a musician, examining the complicated and beautiful approach to life through intimate and challenging photographs. Great for the coffee table, the listening room, or wherever else your vinyl collector loves to have conversations.

15. Audio Anatomy – Carbon Fiber Brush Black Edition – $11.99

Record Collector Stocking Stuffer: Audio Anatomy Carbon Fiber Brush

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

Every record collector needs a carbon fiber brush to gently brush the dirt off of their prized LPs. This is one of those things that — even if they’ve already got one, they could use another, you know what we mean? It’s like a pen or a lighter or one of those other magical little devices that are used all the time so they’re lost all the time. Can’t have enough, and Audio Anatomy makes some of the best available.

16. Grateful Dead – Europe ’72: 50th Anniversary Edition Vinyl LP – $70.99

Christmas Gift for the Record Collector Who Loves the Grateful Dead

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

This summer marked the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead’s iconic European tour. With this anniversary edition, the band celebrates what might be regarded as their best live recording — and they released about, what, a million live records? Anyway, a vinyl collection is incomplete without Europe ’72. Don’t ask us why. It just is! It’s never too late to get on the Deadhead bus.

17. Big Fudge 12-Inch Vinyl Record Storage Cubes (Set of 5) – $65.95

Vinyl Storage Solution for Record Collectors

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

The record collector in your life has an addiction — buying records. And with that addiction comes another problem, how the hell do you find space to store it all? Big Fudge’s record storage cubes are clean, safe way to store records. This set of 5 can store up to 350 LPs. For any record collector, getting that for Christmas would be a memorable gift that will last for years to come.

18. Audio Anatomy – Microfiber Vinyl Handling Gloves – $16.99

Microfiber Handling Gloves are a great Holiday Gift for the Audiophile Record Collector

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

For the real vinyl freak in your life — the one who refuses to let you touch anything and makes you sit in a particular spot on the couch to listen to music tuned in a very specific way — we suggest a pair of Audio Anatomy’s Microfiber Vinyl Handling Gloves. These are perfect for preventing any wear and tear on records, while making you look like a mad scientist. Win-win, right?

19. 100 Things Pearl Jam Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Greg Prato – $16.99

Pearl Jam Book as a Christmas Gift for Record Collectors

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

Yeah, we know all of these facts already. But not everyone does. This is a fun and funky coffee table book, great for a conversation about the 90s, grunge, and Pearl Jam. It’s the kind of thing you can pull off the shelf and flip through, learning something random and new each time. They don’t need to be a Pearl Jam fan to appreciate this gift.

20. Big Fudge Wood Record Display Stands – $33.99

Big Fudge Wood Vinyl Record Display Stands for the Record Collector

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

One of the best parts about spinning vinyl is enjoying the album artwork. It might seem small, but we swear it improves the listening experience. There are many record display stands on the market, but we’re partial to Big Fudge’s Wood Record Display Stand. The aesthetic is universal while remaining elegant and classic. Show off the art, baby.

21. Vinyl Vac 33 Combo Pack – $37.99

Vinyl Vacuum Combo Pac for a Holiday Gift for Record Collectors

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

Give the gift of a precision clean this holiday season with Vinyl Vac’s 33 Combo Pack. Designed to remove dirt particles deep within an LP’s grooves, this gift idea will be a welcome addition to even the most seasoned record collector’s vinyl care kit. Plus, they’re fun to use. Suckin’ up all that dirt and dust and getting rid of all that annoying surface noise… There’s just nothing better!

22. Big Fudge Stylus Gel (Anti-Static & Anti-Dirt Turntable Needle Cleaning Gel) – $16.99

Turntable Stylus Cleaning Gel for a Stocking Stuffer Gift

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

A dirty turntable needle is bad news. Not only does it make a record sound terrible, but it could potentially cause damage. Ensure the record collector in your life is taking care of their stuff with the gift of Big Fudge Vinyl’s Stylus Gel. This little guy is the perfect stocking stuffer idea, and it will help get rid of static and dirt on your vinyl collector’s turntable stylus, ensuring their records deliver the best sound quality possible.

23. Arctic Monkeys – The Car Vinyl LP – $29.99

Gift For Record Collectors: Arctic Monkey's The Car Vinyl

What makes it a great Christmas gift idea

An iconic band of the last two decades, the Arctic Monkeys’ latest LP is a return to form and what established them as a truly great rock band. We don’t mean to assume about taste, but we’re pretty confident that if someone loves vinyl, they love the Arctic Monkeys. Gift them this record this holiday season, a welcome addition to any collection.

24. Bruce Springsteen – The Album Collection Vol. 1 Vinyl LP Box Set – $199.99

Bruce Springsteen Christmas Gift Idea for the Record Collector

What makes it a great holiday gift idea


25. Pearl Jam Vitalogy Cotton Crew T-Shirt – $21.00


Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Vinyl Lovers

What makes it a great holiday gift idea

OK, this one is a little self-indulgent, but hey, you’re checking out our website, so we’re allowed to be. Help the record collector in your life find independent record stores nearby with this trendy T-Shirt.

Wrapping Up Gift Ideas for Record Collectors

Get it? Anyway… thanks for checking out our list of some of the best gift ideas for the record collector in your life. While we sincerely doubt it, if you don’t think your record lover will like any of these items, you can always get them a gift card so they can pick out whatever gift they want this holiday.

Rick Sunday

Rick Sunday

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