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Ranking The Beatles Albums From Worst to Best
Beatles Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

All Beatles records, in fact, are self-contained greatest hits records. But which is #1?

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REM Studio Albums Ranked Worst to Best
R.E.M. Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

Counting down the Athens, Georgia alternative rocker band’s 15 studio albums.

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Pink Floyd's Best Albums Ranked
Pink Floyd Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

Counting down the British prog rock band’s 15 studio albums. #1 may surprise you!

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Metallica Albums Ranked, Best to Worst
Metallica Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

A guide breaking down the legendary heavy metal band’s impressive 10-album studio discography.

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Paramore This Is Why Album Review
This Is Why Launches Paramore Into a New Era of Musical Artistry

Almost 6 years after their last LP, Paramore have returned with an elevated sound on new album This Is Why.

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SZA SOS Album Review
SZA Expands Her Sound in Highly-Anticipated SOS LP

After nearly 6 years of waiting, SZA released her second album and it does not disappoint.

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Eddie Vedder's Earthling Shows Passion for Music & Life

Pearl Jam frontman’s third solo album features collaborations with other legendary artists.

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Steve Gunn's Other You is his "Most Complete Vision"

The cult artist’s new album is a quiet and sophisticated vision of reflection on what it means to be alive.

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Record Store Day 2023
Record Store Day 2023: 17 Releases We're Stoked About

We’ve parsed the complete list of RSD 2023 releases, and here are 17 albums we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon 50th Anniversary Reflection
Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of The Moon at 50

50 years later, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of The Moon remains as influential as ever.

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Collecting Tips

Guide to Safely Cleaning Vinyl Records

Whether it’s cleaning solution or wood glue, keeping your vinyl clean is essential for its longevity.

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12 of the Best Vinyl Record Storage Ideas & Solutions
12 of the Best Vinyl Storage Solutions

Explore solutions including antique magazine racks to IKEA shelves, cabinets, wall frames, and more.

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Vinyl Lingo: Differences Between LP vs EP Vinyl

New to vinyl collecting? Learn about the differences between LP vinyl and EP vinyl records.

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How to Grade Vinyl Records & What Condition Grades Mean

Understanding the vinyl record grading system can help you get the best bang for your buck.

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