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The 7 Best Record Stores in Denver, CO


Want to know where to find vinyl records in Denver? Here are some of the best… Plus One in Boulder!

Denver is an underrated city in America.

In only one day, you can hike the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, enjoy a beer at one of the best breweries in the nation, maybe attend a baseball or football game (with some phenomenal fans), and then hit a concert at Red Rocks, perhaps the most iconic music venue in these United States.

Not a bad Saturday, eh?

In other words, the people of Denver know how to appreciate a good vibe. The coffee is excellent. The beer is smooth. And the music scene is alive. As one of the biggest cities between Chicago and Los Angeles, it’s a common tour stop for traveling musicians.

Moreover, there’s a thriving local scene — and not just jam bands, either. Here at the Mile High City, you can find great DIY, indie, punk, and metal scenes. Not to mention there’s always a cowboy in a bar playing Townes Van Zandt songs.

Naturally, that means there are great record stores in Denver. Here, we list some of the best record shops in Denver.

Twist & Shout

Twist & Shout - Denver's Best Record Stores

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

Twist & Shout Records isn’t just one of the best record stores in Denver, it’s one of the best record stores in the United States. This shop on Colfax has been a staple in the Mile High City for over 30 years. They regularly host in-store listenings and signings for touring musicians. And beyond an extensive selection of vinyl, CDs, DVDs, books, posters, stickers, and other music memorabilia, the shop feels like a time capsule. Walk in here, and it’s 1979 all over again. Not a bad vibe, eh? (And for all you Deadheads, check out their bootleg area.)

Getting There

2508 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Wax Trax

Wax Trax Records - Denver's Best Record Stores

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

First things first, it’s impossible to miss the giant Lemmy mural. In fact, thev first time we attended this shop, it was an unplanned stop. We were just cruising through Capitol Hill, and the face of Motorhead caught our attention. Immediately, we pulled over and kissed the next three hours goodbye. Wax Trax is a Denver institution that’s been around since 1978. Here, you can find rare used vinyl of all genres, but the shop specializes in punk, metal, and underground music. Have a chat with the friendly (although a bit surly) staff, and enjoy a gritty, no-frills atmosphere for music lovers.

Getting There

638 E 13th Ave
Denver, CO 80203

Recollect Records

Recollect Records - Denver's Best Record Stores

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

Recollect Records is a small — but mighty — record store in Denver’s Highland neighborhood that’s a hidden gem. They specialize in used vinyl, carrying rare LPs in jazz, blues, experiment, and classic rock. It’s a record shop run by true music lovers. When you stop in, chat with a staff member about anything you love, and they’ll bring a wealth of genuine knowledge. They’re only open a few days a week, so be sure to check the hours before visiting. But when you do, bring a stack of cash because you’re gonna wanna buy everything you can. It’s just that type of place.

Getting There

1255 Delaware St.
Denver, CO 80204

Angelo’s CDs & Vinyl Broadway

Angelo's CDs & Vinyl - Best Record Stores in Denver

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

Angelo’s CDs & Vinyl Broadway — one of two locations for the record store in the Denver area (the other is in Aurora) — is a classic record shop with a classic atmosphere. Founded in the early 90s, the store specializes in CDs but carries a wide range of vinyl. The real treat is the staff, though. Everyone who works here is the nicest person on the planet, happy to help you find your subsequent discovery and offer a little musical history along the way. A little quirky, a little strange, it’s a great representation of Denver’s local flavor. It’s also worth knowing their prices are great. Oh, and while you’re there, maybe pick up a lava lamp. Why not?

Getting There

1959 S Broadway Blvd
Denver, CO 80210

Black and Read

Black and Read - Best Record Stores in Denver

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

Black and Read is all about independence and is worth the trek from Denver to Arvada. The store is massive — around 10,000 square feet — and about half of it is dedicated to games, books, and other media. But in the music section, you’ll find endless crates of endless records of all genres. Seriously. This is a store in which you can get lost in the stacks. Not to mention the staff is extremely friendly (and even a little silly). Chase your mysteries and dreams at Black and Read.

Getting There

7821 Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003

Chain Reaction Records

Chain Reaction Records - Best Record Stores in Denver

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

Calling all punks. Chain Reaction Records — located on Colfax in Lakewood — is home to a massive selection of hardcore and punk records. It’s a well-curated shop focused on underground vinyl and the kind of place where you’ll find not only a rare Cro-Mags record, but a person behind the counter who will probably have extensive Cro-Mags opinions. Grab your black jean jacket and go to Denver’s most Misfit record store. Maybe get a new skateboard, too.

Getting There

8799 W. Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO 80215

Invincible Vinyl

Invincible Vinyl - Best Record Stores in Denver

Why It’s One of the Best Record Stores in Denver

A relatively new record store in Denver, Invincible Vinyl is a cool little shop with a dynamic and excellent selection of new and used vinyl. The focus here is on indie and alternative music, but if you’re a music lover, you’ll surely find something. It’s a bright and inviting store, and most of the time, you’ll be dealing directly with the store’s owner who’s a very nice dude. Pop in, say hi, and buy some records. What are you waiting for?

Getting There

99 Kalamath St.
Denver, CO 80223

Paradise Found Records & More

Paradise Found - Best Record Stores in Denver

Why It’s One of Denver’s Best Record Stores

OK, so this shop is not in Denver, but if you’re on a record store journey throughout the Denver area, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take a little drive up to find the best record store in Boulder — Paradise Found Records & More. You’ll find it located in the heart of the city on Pearl Street. With a friendly and helpful staff and a big selection, it rivals Twist & Shout as one of the best record stores in the foothills.

The taste here leans indie — you could probably have a chat with one of the staff members about how Pitchfork isn’t what it used to be, man… — but that’s just a fraction of what the store has to offer. You’ll get lost in a righteous selection of rare psychedelia, jazz, experimental, and Grateful Dead bootlegs. And these cats know their music and want to talk about it. Plus, they’ve got a great selection of merch, posters, books, and other music memorabilia. You might say it’s a music lover’s… paradise? (Sorry.)

Getting There

1646 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302

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